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welcome to auli's studio

Watch a short video of the loom in action.


Auli’s rugs are handmade, individually designed, and woven of recycled cotton and linen materials. The rugs are made of recycled materials; jeans, linens and t-shirts. The designs and colors are contemporary reflecting the use of textile materials today but they are woven using a traditional Finnish loom and craftmanship. When I’m searching for discarded textiles for weaving the beautiful colors and valuable natural materials that the fabrics are made of are the biggest inspiration of my designs. The rugs are all unique, one of a kind pieces. Learn more…


I am offering workshops in my Mill Valley fiber art studio for individuals and groups interested in sustainable arts and crafts. The workshops include learning to use local plants for natural dyeing of wool, learning the art of knitting and ways to up-cycle plastics in creative ways. You can also come and learn to make your own reusable wax-cloths to replace single-use plastic food wraps! Take a look at possibilities to join a workshop and learn a new skill or brush up!

Is there an event that you would like to celebrate by making something together with friends? Look for ideas for custom-designed workshops for your group.





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