Auli’s studio is a fiber art studio in Mill Valley, California. I design and weave rugs where I combine the Finnish craftsmanship and tradition of rug weaving with California recycled materials. The rugs are 100% handmade, individually designed, and woven of discarded clean cotton and linen materials. I also work with natural dyes from local plants to dye wool and silk. The colors extracted from plants are both rich and subtle, and the hues of new experiments amaze me every time! Up-cycling plastics into art is my humble contribution to collecting plastic waste such as single-use plastic bags and wrappings and keeping them from ending up in our oceans! The studio is also a workshop furnished to provide comfortable working space for up to 8 persons.

I moved to California from Helsinki, Finland, where I was educated and worked as a crafts teacher and teacher educator. I’ve worked with both children and adults teaching classes in numerous fields of textile crafts and art. I believe, that working with materials is meaningful because it connects the mind and soul through our hands to the real world, to our history and the present day. Making art and craft can be a statement against something or for something, it can be about economics, ecology or mindfulness or it can just be a joyful, creative and rewarding activity too. And it’s all good!

I’m a great believer in the use of natural fibers and their qualities in comfort, durability and ecological sustainability. Wool is soft, warm, natural and comfortable to touch and work with. Woolly knits are cool, because they have that traditional cozy feel but are hip at the same time. That’s why I work with wool and also want to teach others about it. My aim is that the respect for all natural fibers and sustainability shows in my textiles and teaching. Minimizing the impact of our consumption on the environment is important to me. I want to use my skills and vision to create beautiful durable textiles and art from up-cycled materials.

My teaching mission is to inspire, encourage and create a joyful atmosphere for learning and creating together. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience in the workshops!